One Solution Sanitizing System kills Corona Virus, cold and flu virus, Norovirus, MRSA, E. Coli, and Hepatisis.

In your facility, there could be hundreds of surfaces covered with disease spreading germs. Trying to disinfect them all with traditional sprays, misters, foggers, and mops can be time-consuming and less-than effective. To reduce illness and expense, you need a revolutionary disinfecting and sanitizing system. You need a cost-efficient, easy way to deliver superior coverage and protection.

Introducing the One Solution Sanitizing System by ByoPlanet; the safe, fast and effective way for you to destroy germs and pathogens everywhere.  It combines the superior surface coverage of our electrostatic sprayer system with the proven effectiveness of Vital Oxide; our medical grade disinfectant and sanitizing solution. 

Our EPA Approved electrostatic sprayer system turns our Vital Oxide into negatively charged small droplets that attract and adhere to even hard to reach surfaces with a force greater than gravity. Most standard trigger sprayers, foggers and misters fail to give you uniform and reliable coverage. Our unique induction charged sprayer head easily treats over, under, and around every surface with maximum coverage and even wrap around distribution. Since our air-atomized droplets are negatively charged, they repel and push off of each other, allowing every droplet to land on the surface you’re disinfecting. This saves you time, labor, and money. With our electrostatic sprayer system,

With our electrostatic sprayer system, you can treat up to 300 sq.ft. within 1 minute, or up to 18,000 sq.ft. within just one hour. That’s 4 times more coverage than other competing sprayer systems.

Vital Oxide, our medical grade disinfectant and sanitizing solution, kills Corona Virus, cold and flu virus, Norovirus, MRSA, and E. Coli. It eliminates odors at a molecular level and kills mold spores on contact. Vital Oxide is a Category IV disinfectant; that’s the lowest EPA Toxicity Level. It can be used with minimal Personal Protective Equipment. And when properly diluted, it’s safe to spray onto food-contact surfaces without the need to rinse or wipe. It’s hypoallergenic, and doesn’t cause skin irritation. Basically, it’s safe and gentle to us, but devastatingly effective on harmful germs, bacteria, and diseases. 

One Solution Sanitizing System is an extremely effective way to stop the spread of germs that cause infectious disease. It requires much less labor than traditional cleaning, and uses sanitizing solutions more effectively and efficiently. On average, one gallon of Vital Oxide disinfectant solution equals up to 12 bottles of traditional trigger sprayers. 

If you need to sanitize and disinfect a school, daycare, gym, place of worship, armory, or fleet of vehicles, One Solution Sanitizing System gives you the superior coverage your facility needs to stay open, safe, and, most importantly, healthy.